A 3-Minute Brain Cleanse…

As the heroic democratic protestors in Egypt battle the dark forces of dictatorship for another tumultuous week, and we here in America must contend with the daily political insanity of John Boehner, Eric Cantor and the GOP House (who are busy trying to redefine rape rather than create jobs) — we can all be forgiven for being a mite news-weary.

Add to that the fact that we are still confronted by opinion polls handicapping Sarah Palin’s (remote) chances of becoming our next President – plus escalating flights of hagiography in celebration of Ronald Reagan’s centennial – and, if you’re like me, you can use a bit of a brain cleanse right about now.

As a balm to calm your cerebrum, here’s what my oldest daughter, Maura, was doing when she was just a kid…

If you enjoyed that — you may want to check out Maura’s updated version of “You Never Know Where You’re Going (So You Go To A Party)” on her new CD, “Reversible Lobotomy”.  For more info, click here.  Maura’s music will soothe you with some cool, moody grooving.

(Music video shot and edited by Angela Murphy.)


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9 responses to “A 3-Minute Brain Cleanse…

  1. Ron

    Real nice classic early music video! Who did that?

  2. Victoria Zielinski

    This video is brilliant. It’s more than brain cleanse. It’s genius. Okay, I said it. It’s said. I feel better. And the Maura REVERSIBLE LOBOTOMY is utterly magnificent. Nothing better. Anywhere.

  3. Jerry G

    !enif tsuj dekrow evah ot evah smees ymotobol elbisrever YM ,Vic wokn t’nod I

    G yrreJ

  4. Linda E.

    Genius lyrics.
    Genius execution.

  5. The CD is so wonderful. Having been to her first “party” to now, what an amazing journey.

  6. Julia LDH

    That video is extraordinary and Mo, your album is sublime!!!! So impressed and delighted and proud.

  7. Shelly

    Mo, you rock!

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