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The Future of California (and the Country) is on the Ballot.

Make no mistake – you must vote for Gavin Newsom.

As for the forest fires? Gavin Newson called for global action to combat climate change. Trump told Californians to rake the forests. Trump and the GOP were head-in-the-sand fools. Governor Newsom told the unpopular – yet utterly honest – truth. Climate change is real. And the need to act is NOW!

I don’t care if you think Gavin should’ve passed on a party at a swanky restaurant during the pandemic. The fact is, he stood with teachers, medical personnel, first responders, and union members who demanded that masks be worn to defeat Covid-19.

On September 14, 2021, Californians will decide whether to retain Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom – or elect any one of a clown college of Republican opportunists, taking advantage of our state’s archaic laws to supplant the will of the vast majority in favor of a radical minority.

For this – and so many more reasons – my fellow Californians, you must send in your ballots ASAP in favor of Gavin Newsom!

Gavin Newsom is the best bet for the future of our beloved Golden State! And the world!

The future of your children is on the ballot THIS YEAR!

Vote AGAINST the cynical Republican recall — and double down on Democracy!

And then, there’s THIS from Ron Crawford — who always manages to capture the moment!


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