Politics HeaderComing of age in the late 60’s and early 70’s, I’ve always had a passion for politics. Born to a blue collar dad and an elementary school teacher mom in Cleveland, Ohio — the world as I’ve experienced it has made me a progressive and unapologetic Democrat. (You could Kucinichput me in the Kucinich wing of the party.) I’m proud that my first Presidential vote went to Jimmy Carter in 1976, and I (and my family) worked hard for President Obama in last year’s historic election. One need only look to the election of Senator Al Franken to know there is still hope for a better country  — and thus, a better world. Are the Democrats perfect? Not by a long shot. But I’m one of those people still filled with Hope for Change.

Malibu Protest 2

Dad and the girls battling an old adversary, "The Chimp in Chief"


4 responses to “Politics

  1. Sister in Law

    Have you heard about the dynamic physician in Chicago who’s going to beat the famous, all-powerful Democratic Machine? Yes, on the Southside of Chicago there is someone who wants voters in the 19th Ward to choose their Alderman based on their belief in who will represent them ALL in the City council…..not just the few, the powerful, the connected……

    • I think I’ve heard about that doctor. She’s short, but she’s tough. I sure wouldn’t mess with her. And I sure wouldn’t want her to find me tossing beer cans around the the woods!

  2. Love your detective work, love your politics. VERY glad to know you’re out there!

    • I checked out your very cool website, John. Glad to know you’re out there, too! Rock and roll and politics. Two things worth getting passionate about. (And often at the same time!)

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