Rock & Roll

Picture 1 jpegRock n’ roll has been a big part of my life since The Beatles came to America — and it still is. I’ve been lucky enough to be in great rock bands since high school, and soon after my college graduation, I furthered my rock n’ roll education as a member of Riffmaster & The BigPapaRockme Foundation, the nation’s finest purveyor of original and traditional garage music. Check out the Rockme Pre-History page and the Rockme Foundation History page. We still manage to play and record together after all these years.

Rockme Music is available at CD Baby: Click here.

I’ve also been playing and recording with my three daughters as Big Papa & The SistasLink to that page here.

One response to “Rock & Roll

  1. Laurie Buy-Low

    because I worked the cash register at Buy-Low Liquors, across the street from the PTC all those years ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to “come see the show” and was instantly hooked. Impressed by the amazing talent I experienced there, right on Howard Street in Evanston, IL, I was welcomed to join the energy, the fun, and watch the awesome talent – those days will always be cherished. Probably some of the best days of my life. Then ‘the band’ would play and my eyes widened even more to the talents that abounded in the confines of the JLA….wow, wow, wow – yes, those were the days, my friend…and I hope they never end…peace, love, and all good things in 2010 to all in 2010

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