Ahoy Header jpegIMG_0343 cropHaving been introduced in recent years to the lore of the sea, sailing and the flogging of nautical terms by the legendary Captain George Moll of Ojai and Woodland Hills, I’ve embarked upon the blogging experience with this site — assured that  beyond the cyber-horizon lie hazards and adventures worthy of Odysseus. Or at least a few good laughs.

At this point in my life I have a deep appreciation for the notion that life is a journey ( a voyage, if you will), and like all trips one takes, it’s most rewarding if you enjoy all the sights, sounds, people and pleasures en route to your ultimate destination. Along the way, detours may be frustrating at first, but yield unexpected experiences that wind up as great memories. While Odysseus did not always enjoy his year-long detour on Circe’s island — especially when she turned his men into pigs — the whole ordeal gave him a great story to tell afterward. It worked out well for Homer, too.

Beginning in January, 2010, I will make weekly entries in this blog, much like a seafarer does in his ship’s log. If you’re reading this, you are welcome to climb aboard and sail along with me — or run out your guns and rake me with a broadside of solid shot. And I’d like to hear about your adventures, too. After all, we’re all on this voyage together. Let’s celebrate the journey as we live it.

2 responses to “Ahoy!

  1. As you may or may not recall, I made my living for years teaching sailing in Chicago. Any time y’all need an extra hand on deck, lemme know.

    • I remember that you and Mike Brady both taught sailing on the NU lakefront. I didn’t know port from starboard or windward from leeward back then.

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