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O Captain! My Comedy Captain!


I don’t know where my life would have gone if the great Sheldon Patinkin had not walked into a small storefront theatre on Howard Street in Evanston — and took my silliness seriously. Sheldon didn’t just change my life. He changed generations of lives. I will miss him every damn day. But, in essential ways, he will always be with me. And he’ll be with Victoria and all of the thousands of creative people whose lives he touched.

87noteswsheldonaSheldon polished our routines, sharpened our satire, laughed when we needed a laugh — and always expected our best.

We worked to meet his expectations because he was Sheldon. And we did not want to disappoint him. His laughter was the coin of the realm.

Sheldon Patinkin was funny and wise and warm and the very best humanity has to offer.

And now he’s gone?

Sheldon would have something funny to say about this.

I am at a loss.

We’ll always love you, Sheldon. And we’ll never forget you.


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A “Lazy Saturday” with Ms. Maura!

Here’s a bit of delightful musical merriment from Ms. Maura  — my sweet, talented daughter!


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