A “Lazy Saturday” with Ms. Maura!

Here’s a bit of delightful musical merriment from Ms. Maura  — my sweet, talented daughter!


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2 responses to “A “Lazy Saturday” with Ms. Maura!

  1. Maura Murphy-Barrosse

    THANKS, DAD!!! xoxoxo

    MAURA MURPHY-BARROSSE (323) 868-6083 cell momaura@gmail.com

    Session Singer Recording Artist Happy Person

  2. Steve Rashid

    Well that’s pretty fabulous! Loved when Life calls and she doesn’t pick up. Such cool production. The whole thing was so delightfully playful. Rock on, Ms. Maura!

    ––––––––––– Steve Rashid Woodside Avenue Music Productions, Inc. 2906 Central Street #117 Evanston, IL 60201 847/864-6655

    http://www.woodsideavenue.com http://www.cafeunderscore.com –––––––––––

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