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Ms. Maura Plays The Viper Room & Other Musical Highlights!

My daughter, Maura Murphy-Barrosse (aka Ms. Maura) and her musical partner, guitarist Lynz Floren have just released their first single, “I Can’t Complain” – and it’s now available on iTunes and other online music sites. Get it today.

Ms. Maura and Lynz are also inviting friends and fans to help them make their first music video.

All you have to do is send Ms. Maura a photo of you holding a sign stating why you can’t complain. (See the charming samples at right.)

Then, you and your fabulous photo will be featured in the music video.

But that’s just where the musical fun begins. Ms. Maura & Lynz are also playing a gig at The Viper Room Lounge THIS THURSDAY, May 10th at 7:45 PM. And if you come to the show, they promise a special surprise!!

The Viper Room Lounge is located at 8852 W Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood. Tickets are $10.00. And remember to mention Ms. Maura & Lynz at the door!

You can also “Like” Ms. Maura on Facebook.

And check out her EP, “Reversible Lobotomy”.

If you haven’t discovered Ms. Maura yet, check out what the National Music Examiner has to say about “Reversible Lobotomy”.

“LA’s talented sassy mama, Ms. Maura is laying down some serious tracks on this EP.  Proving that if you’re going to do an EP, you should cut the fat and give ’em your best, this lady proves to have the talent and skill to do just that.  If you enjoy Shirley Bassey’s style, Adele’s throaty range, and some textured, complex musical arrangements that traverse through jazz/classical/world rhythms.  Each track melds beautifully into the next and yet each packs a powerful punch unto itself.  “I don’t wanna” exudes truth, beauty, and honesty expressed with a rich soulfulness.  These 5 songs have been on repeat rotation since first hearing this EP for it’s a fresh, timeless, deep cohesive effort by a deserving to be called “Diva”, Ms. Maura.”

And an iTunes Review by IndieIsGood said:

“At first you think, “Oh, she’s a little like Annie Lennox,” then you think, “No, she’s sort of a torch singer,” then you think, “Whoa! That’s a BIG voice — like Etta James Big,” and then you just stop thinking and sit back and say, “It’s just GOOD.”

Your Pop Filter said:

“Ms. Maura’s voice has SO MUCH range and expression.  The record is a tidy 5 tracks long, but these 5 tracks feel so much bigger.  Throughout the first listen, the songs seem to vary a great deal, but something unspoken ties them together. Subsequent listens serve only to pull you deeper into her world… I heartily recommend that you buy it.”

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Ms. Maura’s Music Marches On!

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More Ms. Maura Music!

Thanks to the fabulous Mister Magnanimous, a new

remix of Ms. Maura’s Peace for a Place

is now available on iTunes for just $0.99!

Buy it.  Share it.  Enjoy!


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A 3-Minute Brain Cleanse…

As the heroic democratic protestors in Egypt battle the dark forces of dictatorship for another tumultuous week, and we here in America must contend with the daily political insanity of John Boehner, Eric Cantor and the GOP House (who are busy trying to redefine rape rather than create jobs) — we can all be forgiven for being a mite news-weary.

Add to that the fact that we are still confronted by opinion polls handicapping Sarah Palin’s (remote) chances of becoming our next President – plus escalating flights of hagiography in celebration of Ronald Reagan’s centennial – and, if you’re like me, you can use a bit of a brain cleanse right about now.

As a balm to calm your cerebrum, here’s what my oldest daughter, Maura, was doing when she was just a kid…

If you enjoyed that — you may want to check out Maura’s updated version of “You Never Know Where You’re Going (So You Go To A Party)” on her new CD, “Reversible Lobotomy”.  For more info, click here.  Maura’s music will soothe you with some cool, moody grooving.

(Music video shot and edited by Angela Murphy.)


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Maura’s New Music!

My daughter, Maura Murphy-Barrosse, has just released her latest recording, “Reversible Lobotomy”.

Maura’s first solo release showcases her marvelous voice and sophisticated songwriting. And it’s a family affair. Maura’s husband, Nicolas Fournier, is a brilliant producer, musician and engineer — and together they’ve crafted an album that blends blues, rock, pop, jazz, and good old fashioned torch singing with a very contemporary production style.

To hear a sample of “Reversible Lobotomy”, you can click here or on the album graphic above.  Then go to iTunes and buy it today.

They previewed it for me at Thanksgiving dinner — and it was better than stuffing with gravy!


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