Maura’s New Music!

My daughter, Maura Murphy-Barrosse, has just released her latest recording, “Reversible Lobotomy”.

Maura’s first solo release showcases her marvelous voice and sophisticated songwriting. And it’s a family affair. Maura’s husband, Nicolas Fournier, is a brilliant producer, musician and engineer — and together they’ve crafted an album that blends blues, rock, pop, jazz, and good old fashioned torch singing with a very contemporary production style.

To hear a sample of “Reversible Lobotomy”, you can click here or on the album graphic above.  Then go to iTunes and buy it today.

They previewed it for me at Thanksgiving dinner — and it was better than stuffing with gravy!


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5 responses to “Maura’s New Music!

  1. FAB! Better than gravy indeed! Big congrats!

  2. Linda E.

    Fantastic voice! Love it.

  3. Brad

    Yes! Sweet! Just downloaded and am loving every second. Really unique sound Mo’! Tuneful, sophisticated — superb pipes — man, what’s NOT to love? Congrats.

  4. Brad

    Oh — and You Never Know Where you’re going still holds up! Dance and Scream!

  5. Gus hastalis

    Magnifico! I don’t wanna is genius!

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