Weekend Fun…

Steve Rashid, Terry Barron,  Tom “Wolf” Larson and Rockin’ Ronny Crawford are a rather fab four themselves. Below, Brad Hall imagines what will happen when the boys make their iTunes deal.In fact, no sooner had Brad imagined it — then he saw this poster on Sunset Boulevard. From San Francisco to iTunes to Sunset — all in one weekend afternoon!


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5 responses to “Weekend Fun…

  1. Victoria Zielinski

    Those Beatles ain’t got nuthin’ on the guys on the right. And I mean it!

  2. Fat Dave

    What are they doing? Other then looking cool…which they do well

  3. sydney

    Beyond Adorable!

  4. Ronny Crawford

    George is my favorite.

  5. Riffmaster

    Toppermost of the Poppermost!

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