My wife and I were privileged to join the march in San Diego a few weeks ago in protest of Donald Trump’s heinous policy of separating immigrant families at the border.

We were proud to be among the thousands of marchers of all ages, races and economic classes who turned out in defiance of the Trump regime’s institutional inhumanity.

But now, less than a month after we hit the streets to protest the sad, un-American fact that asylum seekers and those hoping for a better life in the U.S. were having their children torn from their grasp and sent to parts unknown, that awful policy is practically old news.

90Because during the past week, Trump managed to make our horrible national nightmare even worse than it’s been. And now the rest of the western world hates the Mango Mussolini as much as we do.

Trump’s shambling, shameful trip to Europe – from his awful, insulting performance at the NATO meeting, to his bone-headed, bumbling meet and greet with the Queen, his obtuse abuse of the British Prime Minister, and his treasonous prostration before his man-crush, Vladimir Putin – have pushed all the other Trump scandals to the back pages.

IMG_7056But we must not let Trump scandal fatigue wear us down.

We must get back in the streets — again and again.

And we must keep our eyes on the prize: the mid-term elections.

Trump’s solid wall of GOP support cracked a bit after the shock of Helsinki.

But the Republicans won’t truly abandon Trump until we prove he’s a loser at the ballot box.

Write. Talk. Protest. Blog. March. Demonstrate.

IMG_7059But – above all – vote.

Register people to vote.

Remind them to vote.

Drive them to vote.

Drive the GOP out of their Congressional majorities – and put the brakes on the treasonous Trump train.

Bruised and battered as it is — America is worth saving.

And there are a LOT of good, progressive patriots standing with us!










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4 responses to “DUMP TREASONOUS TRUMP!

  1. Stu Greenspan

    Thank you, Paul… Keep on keeping on! (It’s what we’re doing here, as well)

  2. Thank you Paul for this. As in Hamlton the musical “the world is upside down….” I’m friends with Michael McFaul and his wife Donna Norton….it’s very scary….and the fact that the maniac in the White House committed treason on Monday….well really for the last year and half as the New York Times revealed today that he knew about Russia since January 6, 2017. And what’s so UNREAL is that 25% of Republicans have a favorable opinion of Putin. I thought they were the party of Commie haters and we were the Commies…..”the world is upside down……” xoxo

  3. Splendid summary Paul. You inspire me. Cheers!

  4. Jim Sacco

    Paul, sometimes it’s tough to get through the day to day of Don’s BS and ignorance. However, your blog offers hope and encouragement that we can endure this regime.
    Thanks again, Jim

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