Eva’s First Single Drops!

MessyMy singer-songwriter daughter Eva’s first single has just been released. You can hear the tune, entitled “Messy”, by clicking this link that takes you to Spotify.


eva-b-rossIn my day you went to the local record store, plunked down your $1.25 and took home the vinyl 45. But the modern world saves you the trip!

So, check it out.

It’s a wonderful song: great vocals, witty lyrics, fun harmonies — and you can dance to it!

To see the video — check out this link:


You can also get the song on Apple Music!


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2 responses to “Eva’s First Single Drops!

  1. Linda E.

    I listened to it last night (I’m on Eva’s YouTube channel). Fantastic. Yay Eva!!

  2. Ha. I had to have my daughter down load Spotify for me, but I was already a fan of Eva’s. Go kiddo!

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