LeBron James Comes to Los Angeles: It’s Good vs. Evil.

Those who follow this blog know that I’m a Cleveland, Ohio boy, born and raised – and a LeBron James fan. Just as I was a Jim Brown fan in my boyhood days. What else can you possibly be when the greatest player in a particular pro sport plays for YOUR hometown team?

But unlike many in Northeast Ohio, I continued to be a LeBron fan even after he left town to pursue championship rings in Miami.

Then, like everyone in Cleveland, I rejoiced in King James’ homecoming – and the fact that he took the Cavaliers to four NBA finals appearances in a row. And, oh yeah, the glorious moment when he brought Cleveland it’s first pro sports championship since Jim Brown led the Browns to the NFL title in 1964.

So, when LeBron decided to take his talents to Los Angeles this summer, I did not waiver in my fandom.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I’ve lived in Los Angeles since 1990 – but that’s not the reason I’m still a loyal fan of The King.

charlie-hall-nathan-taphorn-0310In fact, the reasons that I approve of LeBron’s move to Los Angeles have been best expressed by the passionate words of a native of L.A., the son of a great friend of mine – and a wise young man who plays varsity basketball for my alma mater, Northwestern University.

Charlie Hall says it better than I could myself. (In bold italics below)

I am a LeBron James fan. I am a Cleveland Cavaliers fan. Despite being from Los Angeles, I have NEVER been a Los Angeles Lakers fan. That being said, this is bigger than me. There is a larger mission here. That mission is simple: restore good in the universe.

ct-northwestern-charlie-hall-tino-malnati-20170317In other words: Beat the Golden State Warriors. The 73-9, adding Kevin Durant, dancing, gaslighting, EVIL Golden State Warriors.

Perhaps shooting threes is more efficient than a hard drive into a contact layup. It’s worth more points and it takes less energy. I get it.

However, jacking up a three point shot from damn near half court and shimmying your way to your bench to high five Kevin Durant? That lacks heart. That lacks integrity. That lacks ANY of the qualities that are consistent with why we love basketball. The grit. The strength in the face of adversity. It’s all gone.

If we’re being honest with ourselves, the Warriors are going to win. Again and again. Forever. Or until a core member leaves or gets injured.

ts_lbj18Now, there is ONE other factor that can derail the Warriors. His name is Lebron James. The philanthropist, family man, forceful inside presence. The man that brought a championship to the city of Cleveland. The GOOD GUY.

He needs guys around him and didn’t have that in Cleveland. Let’s get one thing straight, he doesn’t have it in Los Angeles either. However, he CAN attract the talent. The talent needed to dethrone evil. Horrible, horrible evil. 

A part of me wishes LeBron stayed. The little kid from Akron, bringing championships to his hometown, with little to no help? It’s picturesque. It’s gorgeous.

But he’s 33 years old. His time is running out. The chances of him bringing more rings to Cleveland were zero. ZERO.

I’m not sure how much time we have left with this legend, the greatest ambassador the league has ever had — this role model for so many. But I do know one thing: His work isn’t done. We need him to give us one more unforgettable moment. One more.

That moment could’ve happened in Philly, Houston, Boston, San Antonio, anywhere. But now it has to happen in Los Angeles.

Draymond+Green+Golden+State+Warriors+v+Cleveland+GXzIHuIEVQklSo please Mr. James. Whatever you have left. Use it to dunk on Stephen Curry. Use it to defend Kevin Durant. Get Draymond a tech. Do what you have to do. But let’s be clear: You HAVE to do it. There is no other option.

Forever a Cavs fan.

Forever a LeBron fan.

And for the sake of all things good: A newfound Los Angeles Lakers fan. 

Charlie Hall



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6 responses to “LeBron James Comes to Los Angeles: It’s Good vs. Evil.

  1. You rubbed off on Charlie just right, Pablo. It’s gonna be so fun to watch this ride.

  2. Jim Sacco

    Well, Paul, I’m really not a basketball fan, nor even a real Lebron fan. However, I want to get my two cents in as a guy who, like you, grew up in Cleveland. I still live in northeast Ohio, and the impact this guy has had on the community is without question the most significant event in recent history. Economically, socially, psychologically, (and other ways) this guy has singularly contributed more positive impact to North East Ohio than any other person I can recall.

    When he left the first time, I was “pissed.” I think in short time, he realized he made a mistake, not in leaving, but in the way he did it. At that time I attributed his lack of maturity to his actions. When he returned, I was glad, not as much for him, but for the poor working folks who’s jobs were related to his presence. Restaurants, sporting goods, and a myriad of other businesses, all employed folks who were able to make some money to support their families and communities because he came back.

    Now that he has left again, there is a different feeling this time. Most wish him well. He brought Cleveland a championship, and most here are grateful. We hope he does well in L.A., (except when they play against Cleveland). We know he is our home town guy who has made good. (Much like you, Paul.) And we wish you both would come back.

    Well, this is a much longer reply than I usually make, but again, that’s my two, (well I guess for the length, five) cents. Take care. Always look forward to your posts. Please let me know when you might be heading back home for a visit. Would certainly like to catch up with you. Jim

    • Good to hear from you, Jim! I’ll let you now when I’m back in Cleveland next. I’m due to visit my mom soon. And great to hear from Jane, too!

  3. Anonymous

    Me too! (What Jim said). Jane

  4. carolinabusetto

    I like the man: superb basketball player; but most importantly, I like the man that he is – a great role model with deep moral values. The USA 🇺🇸 and the world need, more than ever, a man like him.

    A big hug, my friend.

    Elda Borroni Sent from my iPhone


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