Republican National Convention Day Two: What, Me Worry?

The second day of the GOP convention has just ended with Vic Presidential nominee Paul Ryan’s rousing speech – and while I am left with a better impression of Ryan’s political and oratorical talents, I’m still wholly unimpressed with the GOP message as expressed in this convention.

First of all, there was Rand Paul – the champion of Ayn Rand and Individualism.  He actually said, “the individual is more powerful than any collective.” Really? So, if one guy picked up a gun to fight against Hitler, he would have been more powerful than the millions of Americans who answered the call against fascism? One man with a shovel could have built the interstate highway system? Rand Paul’s central message is an absurdity.

Then there was John McCain. Did you hear his speech? If you did – and you agreed with old warrior John – are you really itching for war against Syria and Iran?

I loved seeing Condoleezza Rice on the GOP Convention stage. I actually like Condi. She’s a smart woman, up from poverty and educated at Stanford University.  But she’s particularly responsible for the Bush administration’s failure to prevent the 9-11 attacks and its heinous lies that led us into the catastrophic war in Iraq.

Not to mention the fact that Condoleezza actually mentioned the economic crash in 2008.  WHO was President in 2008? That’s right. George W. Bush. The Republican. Thanks for reminding us, Condi!

As for Paul Ryan’s speech, I have just two things to say.

Here’s the national deficit under Republican (Bush) and Democrat (Obama) administrations.

Here’s job growth under Republican (Bush) and Democrat (Obama) administrations.

The rest  (including Ryan’s rousing DNC speech) is bullpucky

And, by the way, there were few words in favor of Mitt Romney.

Tomorrow, Mitt’s got a big bar to leap.


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3 responses to “Republican National Convention Day Two: What, Me Worry?

  1. Who, indeed, increased the debt. Man, those statistics are mind boggling! Why haven’t the Dem’s rolled those out?

  2. Ron

    Thanks Paul for watching these bozo criminals. I can’t.

    • I have just one more night of shameless GOP dishonesty to endure. Happily, it appears as though more than few in the mainstream media noticed that Ryan’s nose was growing throughout his speech. Lyin’ Ryan. It even rhymes.

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