Ms. Maura Sings the Blues…

The talented and brilliantly bluesy songstress Ms. Maura, backed by her friend and guitarist Lynz Floren, performed at club TRIP in Santa Monica on Friday night, March 9th. I was lucky enough to be there – and here’s a sampler of iPhone video from her very groovy set.

According to Ms. Maura, here’s what you need to know as you listen to this selection from their sultry, soulful set.

“Combining the stylistically-varied vocals of Ms. Maura with the textured guitar-work of Lynz Floren, this acoustic duo performs dynamic original songs along with some token obscure covers. He of large stature, she of large voice, they met in 2001 as students at UC Santa Cruz. They lost touch for several years but recently reacquainted and found themselves on a common musical journey.”

Enjoy. This is melodic mood music that matters.


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4 responses to “Ms. Maura Sings the Blues…

  1. Ron

    Ahh I’ll always remember me and Sydney driving little five year old Ms Maura home from an evening of music at Piper’s Alley and in the back seat she sang out a perfect twelve bar blues. Shocked me with amazement.

  2. Rush Pearson

    Maura sounds great! Fun to hear her songs live.
    Thanks Paul for digiting this for us. “Phone this, the next best thing to being there”
    I will always remember the time at the JLA where Maura, at 2+ years old, was singing and Jerry Getz and I played a little rocker on guitars and Maura wrote, what I believe was, her first of many songs, “Bobby Jo Jo”

  3. Yay! W My, no, THAT is fun to see and hear — Maura sounds great, of course, and what a nice little sampler of tunes and styles. We wanted to go Friday night, but were out’o’town, damn it. We want to see the next one — where? when? Soon? I’d love it if Henry could see her, while he’s here for a couple of weeks. Lemme know, Dadone!

  4. Anonymous

    I got no complaint with Santa Monicans as a general rule…but some of those payin customers ought to back off the chattin and listen to a good woman sing her song a little bit. That said, those listening, including us (thanks to proud iPapa howling riteously in the front row) are given a treat.
    Deeply soulful, way with words, making with a clever wink…that’s not a bad set of genetic traits…and, as an old man in a grocery store in Georgia teasingly said to my Dad (based on physical similarities alone) one time…”You can just go and sit in the truck if you want to, Lee. Your replacement is here”

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