Rockme Reunion Reminder

I’ve revised this classic Rockme poster by Gary Whitney (circa 1982) to remind everyone within reach of Evanston, Illinois by rocket car that Riffmaster & the Rockme Foundation will be playing a reunion gig at SPACE in Evanston on May 17th. We haven’t made the kids jump in Evanston for over two decades, so it’s about time we showed the rock-hungry youngsters of Northwestern University what the finest in traditional and original American garage music sounds like. Hope to see you there!


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8 responses to “Rockme Reunion Reminder

  1. Kate Tabor

    Both Daniel Rashid and Emily Fishkin put May 17th as a “familial obligation” as a rehearsal conflict for their show at ETHS.
    “Sometimes I wonder what I’m a gonna do
    But there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues”

  2. victoria

    Go Rockmes!

  3. Anonymous

    A group of ’82s and ’86s await the reunion!

  4. Emilia B

    A bunch of ’13s await the reunion, too!

  5. MarkMarty

    Woo to the Hoo! Bought my tix the night we saw Greg Brown for my Valentine’s gift. I’m going to take a nap that day so that ’80 is well represented among the original recipe kids who jumped. But acc to the (potential) playlist quoted me by Lil Rushy…”toto summa cumma buttrockus” or “all will jump”

  6. Anonymous

    Cannot come, damn it!!!!! Somebody dance their ass off for me!

  7. Shelly

    Can’t wait!

    The resurgence of the Rockmes has the same effect the Red Earth of Tara had on Scarlett O’Hara, giving us strength and the inspration to live another day.

  8. Fat Dave

    Do I need to buy tickets in advance, or can I get them day of game? Big fun ahead!

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