Trump vs. The Boy Scout Law

Screen Shot 2020-06-07 at 11.18.07 PMWould Trump Measure Up as a Boy Scout?

boy-scouts-emblemI’m proud to say that my older brother Peter and I were in the Scouting program — from Cub Scouts to Webelos to the Boy Scouts of America.

Peter and I proudly pledged to adhere to the Boy Scout Law.

We understood that the Boy Scout Law was a list of aspirational ideals that would make us better people and honorable citizens if we had the grit, faith and spirit to live up to them.

boy-scout-handbook-1950The Boy Scout Law, which I can still recite by heart, had a profound effect on me. I haven’t always lived up to the high standards they demand – but throughout my life, I’ve aspired to be equal to the personal ethics they challenge me to uphold.

So, let’s look at the 12 Boy Scout Laws.

How many of these laws does Donald Trump model in his everyday life?

A Scout is…images

  • Trustworthy 
  • Loyal 
  • Helpful
  • Friendly 
  • Courteous 
  • Kind 
  • Obedient 
  • Cheerful
  • Thrifty 
  • Brave 
  • Clean
  • Reverent

As I see it, the impeached, popular vote losing Donald J. Trump is Zero for 12 on observing the Boy Scout Law.

UnknownSeriously. Impeached President Trump violates every single one of the Boy Scout Laws.

If you can argue that I’m wrong — and that Trump is a Boy Scout, after all — please post a comment and make your case. Which of the 12 Boy Scout Laws does Trump uphold and observe?

Here’s my take. What’s yours? (Please give concrete proof of Trump adhering to any of these laws.)

  • Trustworthy: According to the New York Times, Trump had told more than 18,000 lies since he was inaugurated. And counting…
  • Loyal: How many cabinet members and staffers has he fired for telling the truth and/or not kissing his ass square on the hole?B3XUSO65RNFTZGE6H3CWXZI5CQ
  • Helpful: Has he ever made a bad situation better? Has he ever offered assistance to the needy? Read about Puerto Rico.
  • Friendly: Not a chance. He’s a cruel, nasty bully — and a defensive, easily-offended snowflake and selfish jackass.
  • Courteous: Stood in front of the Queen of England, walks in front of his wife, shoved other world leaders aside to get a better spot in a G-7 group photo, etc.
  • Kind: Please. Donald and his KKK member father kept black people from renting their properties. They were even sued by the federal government.
  • Obedient: You’re kidding. Obedient to whom?
  • Cheerful: Only when he thinks he’s got a leg up on his enemies.
  • Thrifty: Multiple bankruptcies. Massive, all-time-high, federal debt due to his needless tax giveaway to the 1%.cce01a3b49a1c8a377472082911b214e
  • Brave: His daddy arranged a Vietnam military draft deferment for his son’s specious bone spurs. Decades later, Trump was sent to his White House bunker in fear of Americans protesting police brutality.
  • Clean: Okay, they say he’s a germaphobe— but why no mask?
  • Reverent: Sure, this adulterous, porn star-banging libertine sucks up to the religious right. But is he really a Christian believer? Not a chance. Ask Jeffrey Epstein. Or Michael Cohen. Or Stormy Daniels. Or Karen MacDougal. Or the, at least, 25 women who have accused Trump of sexual harassment, abuse, assualt – and rape.

Can you imagine Trump reciting the Boy Scout Law today — and not being struck by lightning?

I can’t.

17a040fc409cbd5cc65e79fe0752dd3cGo ahead, Trump supporters. Explain.

I challenge you — especially those I’ve known since high school in my beloved hometown, Cleveland, Ohio — to show me, Boy Scout Law by Boy Scout Law, how Donald J. Trump measures up to the standards we pledged to uphold as young men in the late 1960’s and early 70’s.

I’m waiting to hear if you can actually mount a case for Trump. Can you actually defend the behavior of this thin-skinned, narcissistic, racist, Adderall-snorting, anti-scientific, anti-intellectual, willfully ignorant, 6-times bankrupt, wannabe strongman dictator?

4261You have by Election Day, November 3, 2020 to make your case.

I swear by the Boy Scout Law to give you a fair hearing.

As for the Scouts motto, “Be Prepared”?

Consider his flat-footed, ignorant, personally defensive response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Pathetic.

Scouts honor.


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11 responses to “Trump vs. The Boy Scout Law

  1. Fask

    Your brother Peter would be proud. Of you.

  2. Dave Silberger

    Looking forward to seeing someone try to refute your excellent points, as we all could use a laugh in these trying times

  3. Terri

    A great piece. I raised Boy Scouts, some took it to the military, another to public service. All are making this world a better place because they live by those common sense rules. And Girl Scouts. All live by these rules.
    Here’s my question: the country has observed this horrendous behavior from this man just about daily for years. Why are we not protesting in streets to defend, women, women of color, the abused women , the handicapped man, the list goes on and on
    Of people he belittles and abuses on a daily basis. What happened to us that we didn’t make our voices known over each and every one of these broken rules.
    We may have been bullied as children and hold deep scars from that time in our lives. Trump probably brings all that to the surface. But we aren’t Little kids anymore. It’s time we hold him countable for his behavior. There need to be more voices willing to call a skunk a skunk. Five months people. Our future is here and now. Go make a difference.

  4. Fantastic. Troop 35, Santa Barbara, says YES to the Boy Scout Law and NO to Trump. I’d like to see him tie a knot, put up a tent, or walk a woman across the street without grabbing her pussy.

  5. Howard Berger

    I highly doubt Donald Trump would have made it as a Bobcat or even what they call these days, a “tiger cub”…


    On my Honor, I shall do my best, to crawl over broken glass to vote Blue!
    Scout’s Honor!

  7. Jim S

    Well, as a fellow scout with you and Peter , I too haven’t always met the standards of the scout laws. However, in trying to abide to those laws, I can see how they shaped us into responsible, caring citizens. I recall our moms as den mothers who were guiding forces in forming caring, thinking, compassionate individuals. Those values that Trump doesn’t even have a clue.

    • Thanks for reading, Jim! Troop 79. Those were great days. I remember that not only were our moms den mothers – but both of our dads volunteered to help out the Scout troop as well. Our annual week at Camp Clendening was always the highlight of my summer.

  8. Diana Snyder

    I waited to come back and comment, Paul, because I wanted to see if anybody had made a case for Trump on upholding a single one of these laws, and if so, what evidence they cited.

    But I see that nobody even made an attempt. And that’s the power of this post. You note basic values that the Scouts believed young boys could recognize as valuable and seek to reflect in their behavior.

    Boys, not adults, from whom we should expect all this and much more: that we acknowledge and seek to learn from our mistakes; that we educate ourselves about issues that matter before taking a position on them; that in any endeavor we acknowledge the contributions made by others; that we distinguish fact, no matter how painful, from fiction, no matter how attractive; that we learn to look beyond our own feelings and empathize with others who are suffering; that, when necessary, we set aside our own comfort or pride or desires for the good of our fellows and our communities.

    The list goes on. But Trump cannot begin to reach any of those adult goals because, as you prove, he has not demonstrated adherence to any of the Scouts basic laws.

    I doubt he even understands what they really mean. Trump has no moral or ethical foundation. Instead he stands upon his own ego, propping himself up with tweets, lies, sycophants and conspiracy theories.

    I still cannot fathom how we came to have such a man in the Oval Office. I refuse to believe we will allow him to remain there.

    And PS—I agree with previous comments: Peter would be so proud of you!

    • Thanks, dear cousin Diana, for your thoughtful reply. You’re an educator — so you know how important it is for a human being to learn important, formative moral and ethical lessons early in life. To learn about history, science, religions and literature. It seems as though Trump learned nothing of real value as he grew up: only what is material, selfish and venal. I, too, refuse to believe we will allow him to remain in the oval office. November 3rd can’t come soon enough.

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