Our Standup Comedienne: Year Two

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 4.12.13 PMOur very funny daughter Emilia is just beginning her second year in the challenging world of standup comedy. My wife and I have always been sketch comedians, getting our laughs onstage behind the façade of a series of characters. But not Emilia…

HeadshotsEmilia goes it alone, as herself, microphone in hand – with nothing but her own wit to rely on. She’s a brave girl. And she’s getting pretty damn good at this standup thing.

Emilia’s first year behind the mike has been busy. In Southern California, she’s played all three rooms at The Comedy Store, The Formosa Café, Leche Lounge, Café HaHa, and Flappers in Burbank, among others. She’s also played several clubs in Chicago and NYC.

If you haven’t seen her perform yet, you’ll have lots of opportunities to catch her act in the Los Angeles area this month.

HeadshotsOn April 2, she’ll be hosting an evening of standup comedy at the Leche Lounge, upstairs at Café Malo in Silver Lake.

The rest of her gigs are listed on the poster below.

In fact – here’s a good idea: print the poster and tape it to your refrigerator. That way, you’ll have Emilia’s smiling face to look at as you get milk for your cereal – and you’ll be reminded of when and where she’s playing this month. See you there!

(All Photos by Brad Rogne)Emilia Poster JPEG copy


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3 responses to “Our Standup Comedienne: Year Two

  1. Eva

    Funny gal with smart jokes- refreshing.

  2. Linda

    Love these new pics!!

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