Wink Martindale’s Tribute to Glen Campbell


I love Glen Campbell — and so does legendary radio Dee-jay and TV host Wink Martindale.

Wink knew Glen very well.

Here’s Wink’s recent tribute to the guitar-shredding troubadour of Delight, Arkansas.

Take a listen.


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3 responses to “Wink Martindale’s Tribute to Glen Campbell

  1. John Doyle

    Another fantastic posting, thank you Paul. As you taught me long ago, there is perhaps no greater guitar craftsman in the history books. All those days as “session man” have not been lost on the discerning ear ! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ! John

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  2. Thanks for posting this. I loved it. If I may ask, when and on which station did this air?

    • I’m not sure that it aired anywhere. I think Wink made this on his own and distributed it to friends and fans online. I got it from a longtime friend from college days who is a relative of Wink’s.

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