“You’re in Rio—why are you sleeping?” Part (4/5): When in Rio, do as the Brazilians do

Here’s the latest installment of my daughter Emilia’s account of her Brazilian adventure…

Getting Free

Once again, if you take anything with you from this blog, it should be this: When traveling in a place you’ve never been before, ALWAYS. HANG. WITH. LOCALS. Seeing a city with alongside a person who understands it and has lived in it opens the city for you in a way it never would if you’d stayed behind the plexiglass barrier that is being only a tourist. Because we made a point to run with as many Brazilians as possible, Roshan and I understood more truly than ever, what a Brazilian life means.

As it turns out, what does it mean to be a Brazilian?: To enjoy yourself.

Rio de Janeiro is a throbbing city—and when I say throbbing, I mean it in all the senses of the word. Rio is like a throbbing, open wound, a throbbing heart, a throbbing headache, a throbbing longing, a throbbing reverberation of music…

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