“You’re in Rio—why are you sleeping?” Part (3/5): Being Tourists

Here’s another chapter in my daughter Emilia’s ongoing account of her journalistic adventures in Brazil.

Getting Free

Even though Roshan and I went to Brazil first and foremost as journalists, we made sure to be tourists on our off days.

The most incredible thing about Brazil and Rio de Janeiro—especially with the experience we had there being journalists and tourists—is the massive range of emotions that consumed us depending on which mode we were in. As journalists, it was high stress, high emotions, high functioning trying to process the misery and the majesty we were seeing.

But as tourists, when your express purpose is to enjoy your surroundings and not necessarily to make moral sense of it all—Brazil can be one of the most calming, cathartic places you could possibly go.

You’ll see when I go through the main tourist destinations we hit.

Sugarloaf Mountain

On our first day of tourism, Roshan and I wanted to go to Sugarloaf Mountain and Christ the Redeemer. We wanted to…

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