Singing Sisters: My Best Holiday Gift


The Sistas are Emilia, Maura, Nick (Producer & Son-in-Law) & Eva.

The Way You Dance

Christmas 2012 blessed me with a lot of great gifts from friends and family – but none more wonderful than the one you can listen to by clicking on the link above.

My three darling, soulful daughters, Maura Murphy-Barrosse, Emilia Barrosse and Evangeline “Eva” Barrosse recorded a song I wrote back in 1984, with my son-in-law Nicolas Fournier (a talented record producer and sound engineer) at the controls.

Take a moment (actually 3:26) to listen to sound of a father’s heart bursting with loving pride.

And you can dance to it.


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7 responses to “Singing Sisters: My Best Holiday Gift

  1. Wolf

    Always loved this song. Remember well when you wrote it. And now, its better than ever.

  2. Anonymous

    Lordy there’s a lot of talent in your family.
    How sweet! How loving! How beautiful!

  3. Martin M.

    Always loved this song. Is it not both interesting and inspiring how life
    comes back in full circles. It is hard not to be proud of the sentiment and what has been accomplished. Blessings to you Paul.

  4. Colorado Mom

    Absolutely beautiful, and so talented.

  5. Shelly Goldstein

    Wow – love it!

  6. Thank you all for your kind words about my darling girls and their sweet harmony.

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