The Election in 2 Videos..

Here are two videos that capture the essential issues in the 2012 Presidential race between President Obama and Mitt Romney. The first video lays out the stark contrast between Obama’s progressive agenda and Romney’s regressive, top-down, trickle-down approach to governing.

Now, here’s a more visceral take on Romney’s candidacy. Our good friend Shelly Goldstein put new words to the classic 1965 rock single by The Knickerbockers, written by Beau Charles and Buddy Randell. Enjoy!


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5 responses to “The Election in 2 Videos..

  1. Brian Ross

    Paul, Obama is guilty as hell for pushing for loans for people who couldn’t afford homes:
    And now he’s calling himself on it!!!

  2. Ronny Crawford

    Republicans: We’re all in this alone.

    • Brian Ross

      Thomas Sowell wrote this today: “Not since the days of slavery have there been so many people who feel entitled to what other people have produced as there are in the modern welfare state, whether in Western Europe or on this side of the Atlantic.”

      • Brian,

        Thanks for chiming in on this thread. There’s blame to go all around in the mortage mess — especially blameworthy are the unscrupulous bankers who wrote all those teaser-rate balloon mortgages and sold them to unsophisticated folk eager to make a grab for the middle class brass ring. But let’s remember the “ownership society” drive started, like so much of our current fiscal woes, under Bush. However, you needn’t bother quoting Thomas Sowell to me. I read him all the time, and he never has anything to say that impresses me as anything more than GOP talking points. Jonah Goldberg is only slightly worse, and he’s godawful.

  3. Are we seriously lentitg people like them run for office?Are we really that stupid? or paranoid? if we are then I guess we do deserve these hard times because we lack the sense of finding a real leader.

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