A Heavenly Two Minute Brain Cleanse

Looking to take a brief break from the GOP war against modern civilization and women’s rights? Do you envision a government that has better things to do than to poke its head into your bedroom to see whether or not you’re using — egad! — contraception? Then, here’s a little more than two minutes of glorious, awe-inspiring brain food, courtesy of your Federal tax dollars, well spent!

Thanks to our good friend and fellow NU alum, Jim McCutchen, for making me aware of this stunning video.


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7 responses to “A Heavenly Two Minute Brain Cleanse

  1. Rush Pearson

    Very cool. Very inspiring, but the choice of music. I tried it with Todd Rundren’s cover of “Never Never Land” makes for a much more refreshing brain cleanse, for my taste.

  2. roncrawfordact

    As my good friend Don Hesterberg commented: Except for the Northern Lights all the other lights are due to Thomas Edison. Talk about one person making a difference!

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  4. Puts everything into perspective, don’t it?

  5. Anonymous

    Absolutely beautiful. One awesome aspect indeed of living in this precarious age is getting to see our planet thus. Thanks, Paul.

  6. Thanks Paul. Just started my day – feeling ready to do great things now.

  7. Jim McCutchen

    Glad people liked the video. APOD is great place to visit.

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