Sing Along with Steve: A Protest Song for The Cheddar Revolution!

Another day — and another fine progressive artist rushes to the Madison barricades!

In this case, our good friend, Steve Rashid, a multi-talented musician, composer, recording engineer – and native of Ripon, Wisconsin – combined his skills on behalf of the pro-union protestors in his home state.

The result is a timely and humorous protest song that you can hear by clicking the link below.

Fight On, Wisconsin

And for those who want to sing lustily along – and I assume that’s all of you – here are Steve’s lyrics…


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3 responses to “Sing Along with Steve: A Protest Song for The Cheddar Revolution!

  1. Steve Rashid

    Wow! I don’t know how I missed it but I don’t remember seeing half of those signs at the rally. Although I WAS standing with that lady who was holding the sign saying she was standing with me. So she wasn’t lying.

    Thanks Paul. I love to read these posts, even when I’m not in them.

  2. Kim Sayers

    We’ll be a rallyin’ at the Colorado Capitol Saturday. I’d sing the song there, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t do it justice.

  3. Shelly

    Well done, Steve!! Great lyrics.

    And just think, McCartney makes money on the song every time it’s sung.

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