The Latest Recording from Eva B. Ross: “Friends, Like Me”

As many of you know, my daughter Eva is a singer-songwriter who recorded a cache of great songs in Nashville. “Friends, Like Me” is her latest single — and one of my favorites.

Check out the video on YouTube — but even more importantly — stream the song on Spotify. It’s all about the streaming numbers these days…



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3 responses to “The Latest Recording from Eva B. Ross: “Friends, Like Me”

  1. Linda

    I agree!
    I just texted your beaut-i-mous daughter to say that I LOVE it. Might be my fave ever. Though, as I told her, that’s a tough call.

  2. Paul, I’ve posted on f-book, but privately I am knocked out by the video as well as the song. I suppose the songs are primary, and I think this one the best so far. I think the central hook for the visuals, though, carries her through and she follows through, making it a great set of images. I can see why the buttons on your chest need to be carefully stitched.

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