Adultery: Trump Vs. Trump

Remember when Presidential candidate Donald Trump saw fit to haul out a panel of Bill Clinton’s sexual accusers to shame the ex-President’s wife less than two hours before he was to debate her?

Trump must have judged that his voters – Republicans, social conservatives and Christian evangelicals – would consider such tawdry extra-marital behavior disqualifying. (And let’s be clear: Hillary was the victim – not the adulterer!)

So, let’s see how Republicans, social conservatives and Christian evangelicals deal with someone who cheated on his wife (who had just delivered his son) with this woman…

And this woman…

Don’t hold your breath waiting for moral consistency.


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2 responses to “Adultery: Trump Vs. Trump

  1. MillennialMerit

    Whether or not Trump cheated on his wife, this is an instance that proves why the public needs to know about politicians’ private lives, at least in some form. You can’t advocate for family values in one breath and chat up single women with the next.

  2. Joel Baird

    My issue is, why would these accusers of Bill Clinton stand with Trump instead of with the accusers of Trump?

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