Taking a Step. Okay, a Small Step…

Revolutions need a spark to begin.

Tonight, I take one revolutionary step.

For several decades, I’ve collected volumes of historic coins and stamps. Especially coins.

I was honored to receive the Abraham Lincoln coin. And the F.D.R. coin, too. Those people were giants. We were blessed to have them occupy The White House at a critical time in our nation’s history.

I was delighted with the shipments that brought me gold coins commemorating the terms of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. That Washington refused the opportunity to become our first king — and Jefferson’s poetry inspired humanity to champion our cause — must balance out their antebellum slave-holding sins.

Opening the packages that contained the coins honoring Eisenhower, Kennedy, Carter and Obama filled me with pride and patriotism. Promise, intelligence, optimism, compassion and forward thinking were the hallmarks of their terms. I smiled as I slid each of them into their plastic page covers and snapped them into my binder.

Along the way, I endured drunken, racist Andrew Johnson, hapless Herbert Hoover, and Dick Cheney/George W. Bush. I had no problem with my Ronald Reagan coin, even though I believe he was a malevolent influence on our body politic.

Then – today – a package arrived with a Donald J. Trump Presidential coin.

No way. I can’t accept a Trump presidential coin.

I didn’t vote for him – and I don’t want him. He’s a menace to the nation we all profess to love.

So, I sent this note to the coin folks…

It made me feel better. And it may affect someone on the other end.

As I said — a revolution needs a spark to begin.


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8 responses to “Taking a Step. Okay, a Small Step…

  1. Anonymous

    !!!! Bless you!

  2. lee van dyke

    What a worthy statement. You’ll have to let us know if the company sticks you with some kind of contract, sort of like many feel Trump will last us the whole 4 years. i.e. We’re stuck with him, nothing to be done. On the other hand, or to use “the flip side of the coin,” some of us will with you do our best to defeat him early and defeat him often.

    i.e. I admire your gesture, and hope it grows every stronger.

  3. Elda Borroni

    Well said. We refuse to descend into the gutters.

    Elda Borroni Sent from my iPhone


  4. Rush Pearson

    I hear that Trump wants his postage stamp to be “the licky kind”. Then he made some crass comment about all the women doing him when they mail junk.

  5. Antonio L. Garcia

    Wow. What a crybaby libtard !! Im sure you’re completely okay with Slick Willie’s coin though, right?! We do need a revolution, a Civil War, so we can get rid of all the libtards like you !!

    • Thanks for your concern, Antonio. “Crybaby”? That sounds like a better description of Trump: the sorest, whiniest, crybaby loser of all time. Happy New Year to you!

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