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If The Basket Fits…


Starring (top row, left to right) Roger Ailes, Rudy Giuliani, Trump, Christie & Coulter — and (bottom row, left to right) Sen. Jeff Sessions, Steve Bannon, Tony Perkins, Roger Stone and David Duke.

Can’t wait for this awful movie to end.


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Meet “The Can’t-idates”


Are you in need of a refreshing new perspective on this Presidential campaign? My good buddy Craig Tomashoff has written a book about the Presidential candidates you’ve never heard of – from Vermin Supreme to Sydney’s Voluptuous Buttocks.

Craig with an actual candidate. No he's not Vermin Supreme...

Craig with an actual candidate. No he’s not Vermin Supreme…

Craig is a freelance writer and producer who blogs regularly at Huffington Post.com. For many years, he served as Executive Editor of TV Guide, and has also worked as Associate Bureau Chief for People. Speaking of people, the “can’t-idates” he met while working on this book are some of the most colorful and eccentric people you’ll ever meet.

Craig spoke with more than 100 ordinary Americans attempting to get elected to the Presidency without any political experience. Out of all those interviews, Craig focused on the 15 men and women profiled in his book — traveling 10,000 miles in three weeks to meet them. So, the least you can do is go the extra mile to buy his book and read it!

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