One Month Before The Party Begins…

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Opening night of “The Vic & Paul & Dana Show”  is just one month away on the Main Stage theatre at iO West on Hollywood Boulevard.

Photo by Bradford Rogne Photography

Photo by Bradford Rogne Photography

“The Vic & Paul & Dana Show” is an improvisational sketch revue featuring music, comedy and a few cocktails.

Victoria, Paul and Dana met at Northwestern University in the late 1970’s – and they’ve been friends and comic colleagues ever since.

Happily, their taste for humor and irony – and a neat Manhattan — has not been dulled.

Written and performed by Victoria Zielinski, Paul Barrosse and Dana Olsen — with Steve Rashid on keys and Rockin’ Ronny Crawford hitting the skins– “The Vic & Paul & Dana Show” is a toast to grown up fun amid the craziness of contemporary life.

If you’re going to the show, please check in at:

For tickets, go to the iO West Box Office at:

See you there!

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