Ms. Maura’s Latest…

Here’s the very latest from my very talented daughter Maura…


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5 responses to “Ms. Maura’s Latest…

  1. Thanks, Dad!! ❤️❤️❤️

    … sent by maura on the go ….


  2. LOVE THIS!!! Both Rockin’ and I took it as so refreshing after the crazy replies to the state of the union. Thanks Maura! You are such a talent! xoxo

  3. Anonymous

    Terrific Maura! Loved the Tune and the toons

  4. StephanAlexander Parker

    Hey Paul! The Roadkill Opera entourage is looking to catch Ms. Maura’s 8 pm set at the Comedy Store this Friday, April 17, but I don’t see her on the website at Is that the right place?


    • Anonymous

      Actually, it’s not my sweet-singing daughter Ms. Maura at The Comedy Store this Friday, April 17 — it’s my daughter Emilia who is doing her standup comedy thing at The Comedy Store at 8:00 this Friday.

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