Emilia at The Comedy Store!

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 12.38.40 PMYou can catch my very funny daughter Emilia’s act this Sunday night at the legendary Comedy Store in Hollywood – and she’s performing new material!

sistersbannerEmilia’s starting to make a name for herself in the standup scene, and this gig is an important set-up to the great punchline of her budding career.

So, if you’ve caught her wild, wonderful takes on airplanes, miracles, the World Cup, Animal Planet, and why she can never watch “The Lion King” again without a shudder of horror – then you’ll want to hear what Emilia’s gonna say next!

Comedy-Store-main-room copyEmilia will be in the Main Room at Hollywood’s legendary Comedy Store on Sunday, August 24th at 8:25 PM (Doors open at 8:00).

Tickets are available at: http://hollywood.thecomedystore.com/show.cfm?id=331978&cart

And remember – don’t forget to tell them you’re there to see Emilia!

Hope to see you there. I’ll be the guy sitting in the house with two Chardonnays and a big, happy grin.

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One response to “Emilia at The Comedy Store!

  1. david

    Looking at Paul’s Voyage For Discovery blog for august 29, 2012 and the graphic: “Who Increased The Debt?”


    Oh my! LOL. Perhaps that graphic should be updated and re-posted today, n’est-ce pas?
    Question: is it dangerous, or even something worse, to worship a cult-of-personality orator who tells us everything we want to hear?

    David, December 4, 2014

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