Daughter Eva Rocks UCLA TV…

There’s not much I can say, folks. Just check these videos out — and tell me what you think…


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7 responses to “Daughter Eva Rocks UCLA TV…

  1. Rob

    Nice Rambly jazzy lullaby!

  2. Bob

    Fabulous, proud Papa! It’s been amazing to see her develop her talent even in the few videos you’ve shared over the years.

  3. Ronnydrum

    And the angel sings!

    Cent frum mi eif own


  4. Elena

    Hola Paul & Victoria:

    Eva has a beautiful voice, incredibly talented… not such a surprise though coming from your family. How proud you must be of your daughters.

    Warm regards from the Rivera Maya, Elena

    Sent from my iPhone


  5. MarkMarty

    People who can’t sing are very reliable appreciators of those who can. Maybe over appreciators. But I will go on record as saying that she has incredible control and feel to her musical style. Which makes me an instant fan if I hadn’t been biased already. Nobody who’s working from a place of originality likes comparisons, but I’m hearing some licks that Nora Jones’s record producers and buyers would sit up and rewind tape over. Wishing her and David well. What a great time in one’s life to be doing what you love and have it all out there in front of them.

  6. Rush Pearson

    What fun! Thanks for sharing this Paul!

  7. Anonymous

    The girl is amazing!!! What a beautiful voice. Not surprising, knowing who her parents are.

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