Huffington Posts Daughter Emilia…

Eva Huff PostFor the past month, I’ve been re-posting my daughter Emilia’s blog posts about her travels in Rio de Janeiro. Those posts cover her experience as a college girl in Rio — but Emilia did not go to Brazil on vacation. She went there to report on what the Brazilian government is doing to clear the slums of Rio in advance of the Olympic Games.

Here’s a link to her article, which was just published on the Huffington Post:

Emilia is a Journalism major at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. She’ll graduate in June. Tuition money well spent.

Bravo, Emilia!


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5 responses to “Huffington Posts Daughter Emilia…

  1. Congratulations, Emilia! Franco and I are very proud of Emilia’s accomplishments. We can’t wait to read the article — Franco, because he is especially interested in anything remotely connected with soccer, and I, since I have always being interested in the plight of the poor people and in the “favelas” in particular. Now I have to go and read it!

  2. A well balanced and informative article with imaginative solutions. Congratulations, Emilia!

  3. Linda E.

    Great article in Huff Post. Will write to Emilia now and tell her how awesome it is. You must be a proud papa (and mama) indeed.

  4. Patinkin, Sheldon

    Bravo, Emilia, indeed. See you soon.

    Love, Sheldon ________________________________________

  5. Be proud Paul and Vic she is on her way

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