A Tuneful 2 Minute Brain Cleanse…

Forget Mitt Romney, the fitful economy and the Presidential election for a moment — and pause a moment to enjoy a young lovely woman and a beautiful song.

Here’s my daughter Eva at a high school coffeehouse performing a great Bob Dylan ballad. (Forgive dad, the cameraman, for getting into the action late.)


Filed under Art, Beauty, Music

6 responses to “A Tuneful 2 Minute Brain Cleanse…

  1. Linda E.

    Good heavens that is sweet and beautiful.

  2. Anonymous

    Ah, I feel better already! Thanks Paul & Eva!

  3. Elisa Lewis

    I had to go back and watch “California”…she has a beautiful voice!

  4. Anonymous

    That was simply outstanding! Gorgeous. Brava, Eva! I love you, Julia

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