West Virginia Joe is a Loser…

That’s it. I’ve had it.

Some politicians (even Democrats) are gutless idiots.

Screw you, Joe Manchin, so-called Democratic U.S. Senator of the great state of West Virginia!

I understand, Joe, that you’re on the fence about whether to support President Obama or Mitt Romney???

Do you really think Mitt Romney gives a damn about the hard working, blue-collar working class people in your poor, impoverished state?

Or are you just too damn weak to stand up to the fossil fuel companies who work your constituents to death while raping our environment?

Or the NRA.

Try educating your voters, Joe. Tell them the truth that they might be too ignorant, uneducated, bigoted and/or afraid to hear: the Republicans don’t give a damn about them.

How many millionaires live in West Virginia, Joe?

How many coal miners make a million dollars a year? Do you understand that all your coal-mining constituents pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes than multi-millionaire Mitt Romney does?

You suck, Joe Manchin.  Get off the fence. Get real. Or retire.

We progressive Democrats would rather have a true believer Republican in the Senate than a weak-kneed, ineffective, frightened loser like you.


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4 responses to “West Virginia Joe is a Loser…

  1. Rush Pearson

    We have had this talk before. Your old problem is acting up again, my friend, you are mincing your words again. Now I want you to write this post again, and this time tell us how you really feel, and please, this time don’t hold anything back. Okay?
    Your caring pal,
    li’l rushy

  2. kevinmartinking

    The very definition of a modern poli-ti-cian. (sung to the tune of you know what.) Thank you for your passion, Mr. Barrosse. I’m with you, sir.

  3. Anonymous

    Oh boy, Sen Manchin really got your dander up and rightly so. There are a few of those gutless wonders out there. Although not sure a True Believer Republican would be the answer.
    At least the Weak-Kneed would vote with us some of the time, the True Believer, never. A bit of a conundrum we always seem to face.

  4. sydney crawford

    Uh oh, my nervous little Air Book posted before I could sign.
    I am not Anonymous, never have, never will.

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