Is this John Lennon’s long lost cousin?

I’ve been in Evanston, Illinois this weekend (or was it Liverpool?), and I ran into a fellow who purports to be John Lennon’s cousin, Lon Lennon. (See photo above.)

The guy is the right age. Older than me. Plus, he has as uncanny knowledge of rock and roll trivia, especially The Beatles, all the British Invasion bands, and (oddly enough for an Englishman) The Beach Boys.

One thing though: I’ve seen him play a ukulele. However, I’ve seen Paul McCartney play a ukulele.

And I know George Harrison was a ukulele player.

So, he might actually be a legitimate Beatle cousin.

Somehow, I don’t think we’ve heard the last (have we even heard the first?) of Lon Lennon.

Did Lon introduce John to the ukulele? Or was it the other way around? I should have asked Lon when I had the chance.


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5 responses to “Is this John Lennon’s long lost cousin?

  1. li'l rushy

    Please, I hope we have heard the last, cause that man scares me.

  2. Anonymous

    I have known Lon for a few years now and can attest he is a walking encyclopedia of rock. Kick back, enjoy and learn.

  3. li'l rushy

    Rick Perry is a viable presidential candidate, Lon Lennon emerges complete with anonymous admirers, it is truly the end of days!!!!!

  4. ukulefty

    Are you sure he’s not the long lost cousin of Ozzy Osbourne?

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