A Music Message from Ms. Maura!

Help Ms. Maura get
1,000 fans by the
end of this Summer!
If you’re a facebook
user, please click
the link above
and “Like” Ms.
Maura’s page.
If you’ve already
done this, please
share Ms. Maura’s
page with all your
facebook friends.
I’m trying to get
1,000 likes by the
end of this summer
and I need your help!  Thanks 🙂
Show your support and give Ms. Maura a
thumbs up!
Ms. Maura on Women of Substance Radio
For the next three months (July 11 thru September
30) Ms. Maura’s “I Don’t Wanna” will be played on
Women of Substance Radio’s Triple A Show every Wed
night from 5 PM to 6 PM (PST).  Please listen to the show
and when you hear “I Don’t Wanna”, click the “thumbs up”
button on the left side of the page.
(You must be logged into Live365.com to vote)
Or send a “shout out” to Women of Substance Radio
letting them know that you like Ms. Maura and want to
hear more! The top 10 rated songs will be featured on the Women of Substance blog and Top 10 Page — so vote, vote, vote!!
Listen to the show and give Ms. Maura a “thumbs up”
Women of Substance on Live 365 
(to listen and vote)
Also available on iTunes Radio under the Adult Contemporary Category
Check out the full Triple A Playlist here.
Thank you for your support!
Ms. Maura
Avenue 65 Records | Los Angeles, CA 90042

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