Retro Rockme…

(Left to right) Ronny Crawford, Tom Larson, Larry Schanker, Rush Pearson, Peter Van Wagner, Casey Fox, Tom Kalicky, the author, Brad Hall.

ROCKME PHOTO FUN (Circa ’82-’83)

On a sunny day in 1982 (or perhaps the spring of ’83), the members of Riffmaster & The Rockme Foundation gathered for a photo session in the park next to the house I was renting on Sheridan Road in Evanston. (Someone will, no doubt, recall who the photographer was, so I can give him/her credit.) Luckily, theses photos are sharper than my memory.

Update: Rush Pearson informs me that the photographer was none other than Suzy Crawford!

In the photo above, we give joyous physical expression to our band’s motto: “Make the kids jump!”

In the photo below, we attempt our own version of a classic Beatles album cover.

And in this final photo, Riffmaster Peter Van Wagner proves that, yes ladies, sometimes a man’s guitar IS an extension of his……talents.

In the coming year, The Rockmes plan to return to SPACE in Evanston for our annual Rock & Roll Reunion. Stay tuned.


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5 responses to “Retro Rockme…

  1. Rushy Pearson

    Suzy Crawford, the band’s official photographer, took ’em. Do I win?

  2. Gus

    I’d LOVE to see the ROCKMES restage this photograph. Same place, same pose, 30 years later…. Can it happen? A girl can dream…

  3. Ronny Crawford

    You beat me Rush!

  4. Love those Rockme photos of yore…

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