Postcards from California

On Election Day 2010, while much of America was awash in rancid Tea and the GOP, one state was left standing as a progressive firewall: California.

The wise people of my adopted home state rejected millions of dollars of secretly-funded corporate attack ads and the self-funded, ego-driven campaigns of out-sourcing, out-of-touch CEO multi-millionaires. Californians bucked the national trend and elected Democrats to every statewide office — from U.S. Senator to Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Controller, Attorney General, Insurance Commissioner — and on down the ballot.

To celebrate California’s stand for political sanity, I rushed out to buy a series of postcards to send to the rest of America. With love, of course.And for our New York friends, who also came up big for the progressive cause…


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11 responses to “Postcards from California

  1. Oh my gawd! I want to print up a set of these and send them to all my pals in the hinterlands!

    We truly are the island of sane in the sea of crazy.

  2. sydney

    Don’t forget the great state of NY.
    The east coast shield.

  3. Julia

    Never been prouder to be a Californian!

  4. Shelly

    Paul, these are great. Are they merely graphics or can they be purchased?????

    If not the latter, someone should jump on that and donate the profits to progressive causes in CA.

    • The only way to get these particular postcards is to drag ’em off my website and print them. They’re basically classic postcards with my own modest editorial touches.

  5. Linda E.

    Glad Syd mentioned NY. Maybe we can snip off the interior of the country and become bosom buddies. That way I’d be WAY closer to you guys, too. xo

  6. Fat Dave

    I second Syd, here in NYS we defeated Paladino and put both Chuck & Kristen back in office. Where they belong

  7. Jerry Getz

    Greetings Earthlings, from a resident of a far away upside down world of ignorant frightened insanity called Pennsylvania.

    • Anonymous

      These are superb, Pablo! And kudos to Fat Dave, Ron and Syd for stopping Paladino, and returning both Senators! As for the rest of the country? Well, as Lil’ Rushy once said, “It’s a crazy world in which we live.”

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