Last Call for Love & Laughter…

Final weekend of The Vic & Paul Show

Saturday night, June 26th is sold out. Tickets are still available for Friday and Sunday. For reservations: Tickets for tonight (Friday night’s show) are not available online — but you can get them at the door. (We’ll get you in somehow!)


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8 responses to “Last Call for Love & Laughter…

  1. emiliab9291

    Okay, can we have some actual posts now? I’m really over the whole, “Come see the show” thing.

  2. emiliab9291

    That, by the way, is a demand I’m making that is solely and entirely for me and my personal desires. I’ve now read every single one of your posts around, well, a ballpark guess would be 98,202,123 times now, and I’m lookin’ for a little excitement. I’m lookin’ for someone who is ready to step this thing up to the next level. Are you willing to go to the next level with me?!?!

  3. emiliab9291

    Alright? Alright?!? Where’s the passion, Dad? Where’s the enthusiasm? You know, I’m not even sure if you should write anymore blogs because I don’t even know if I like them anymore…

  4. MarkMarty

    Not to barge in like a neighbor ringing your doorbell while you are having an argument at the dinner table, but…I have to say I believe I can sympathize with both sides of this “discussion”. Like Emilia, I look forward to the dang blog entries and now wait for them like Dickens’ fans would wait for the next chapter to land in the harbor in Baltimore and storm the boat to get at ’em. So, I too have sighed when I see them come up in the guise of (necessary) repeated promotion of this (I’m so sure funny as all get out) show I cannot see (until it tours to Chicago). Even to see clips of said show or random reviews would be nice, but viewing the advertisement alone is like passing a billboard for an unaffordable Lexus every day in your 10 year old red Honda CRV that everyone says looks like a “chick” car. It leaves one blue-er than one had hoped…and yet that is not the intent of the billboard advertiser. Sane people know that.
    But then…(to the young, impetuous, impatient creative muse poking her Dad with a pitchfork in internet public) I would also say: Give him a break, darlin’. He’s been very busy mounting a show (with a loved one. No small feat), now driving it across the finish line to sold-out house (good luck, tonight, Paul and Vic! Don’t fonk up!) and probly there are some bucks on the line, as well as professional pride. Older comic smartypants people know when it’s time to multi-task on one thing at a time. That’s why he’s good at what he does. When the show closes, I’ll bet there’ll be a floodgate opened for us, the loyal readers.

  5. Fat Dave

    It was beyond awesome to start my adventure packed weekend by seeing you guys knock it out of the park Thursday night. Especially cool was being able to watch your rehearsal session that evening, even though Shelly thought I shouldn’t be there, I guess she thought it would ruin the jokes for me, but in the end, it only enhanced them. Totally brought back the old days of sitting in watching you guys work out Art Ruth & Trudy(The title of which was my idea, you know. I’m holding onto that belief to the grave) which is apt, as this is merely the latest Practical show, just a small 20 year or so gap in between.

    Bring it all across the country and get to work on the sequel, please?

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