Rockmes Get Ready…

The members of Riffmaster & The Rockme Foundation gathered from across the country at Steve Rashid’s Woodside Avenue Music Productions in Evanston, Illinois on Saturday, May 15 to rehearse for our gig at SPACE in Evanston this Monday.

I’m happy to report that the band was in fine form, and knocked out such ancient Rockme classics as “It’s a Mystery”, “Valentine’s Day” and “Love” – and newer tunes like “Steve” and “Hitchin’ a Ride” (from the “Woodshed @ Woodside” CD, recorded in April, 2008.)

Everyone in the band is looking forward to the gig at SPACE (The Society for the Preservation of Art and Culture in Evanston) – so, if you’re in the Chicago area, be there on Monday night May 17th.  For tickets, go to:

Brad Hall & Mr. Mo. (Photo and photo above left by Rockin’ Ronny Crawford)

We’re pretty excited to be following artists like singer-songwriter Jonathan Edwards (“Sunshine go away today…”) and Men at Work’s Colin Hay (“Who can it be now?”).

See you Monday night, if you can be there.  But if you can’t be there on Monday night – close your eyes and listen very carefully. You can probably hear emanations from Riffmaster’s Fender guitar anywhere within a 2,000-mile radius.

Bubba George McClellan likes what he’s hearing. (Photo by Rockin’ Ronny)


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