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Rockme Reunion 2010

Rockmes Return to Evanston

SPACE: A groovy place to rock the night away.

It’s my pleasure to announce the 2010 reunion of the nation’s finest purveyors of traditional and original garage music, Riffmaster & The Rockme Foundation, on May 17 in the town of their birth, Evanston, Illinois. This raucous rocking reunion will be held at SPACE (the Society for the Preservation of Art and Culture in Evanston) located at 
1245 Chicago Avenue.

You can check out SPACE by clicking here.

So mark your calendars with a big red “Rockme Reunion” — and plan your travel from whatever corner of the globe in which you currently reside. Our sax man, Tom “Wolf” Larson, will be traveling all the way from his new home in Madrid, Spain – so long distance should be no barrier to attending this splendid not-so-annual event. After all, wherever you are, you’re only 5 minutes away by rocket car!

And for those who wish more information on Riffmaster & The Rockme Foundation, simply click here for a brief colorful history of the band, whose motto has always been, “Make the kids jump!” No matter what age those kids are.


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