The Blog Begins…

With this blog, I am taking my first personal step into the wild and fearsome tubes of the internets. So far, I have managed to get my picture on the header and write and illustrate a few hopefully somewhat entertaining and occasionally enlightening pages devoted to “Adventure”, “Politics”, “Rock & Roll” (including a short origin of the Rockme Foundation: a legendary tale told from my POV), and “History” (which, at this point, covers Part One of the story of The Practical Theatre Co. and a brief historical note on The Sturdy Beggars).

If I continue to make progress at this rate, I should have this site truly up and humming by the summer of 2012.

Since Facebook freaks me out, my goal is that this blog will, over time, become a place where friends and other curious folk will be able to keep up with my latest news, projects, photos, thoughts, opinions, and adventures. It will also be a place to connect with a bit of shared history. After all, where else will you find a grainy black and white photo of yours truly, Brad Hall and Robert Ghandi Mendel walking through the south sorority quad on the Northwestern University campus, circa 1977? (I believe these photos were taken by our good buddy and classmate, Jim McCutchen, who is now one of those infamous Philadelphia lawyers).

Each week, I will post a new article to this blog. That’s the plan at least. (Over the course of the coming year, for instance, I hope to finish my brief history of The Practical Theatre.) I hope you’ll peruse the site now and then and let me know what you think. Happy New Year, everybody!


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10 responses to “The Blog Begins…

  1. Mo

    Love it – looks great!! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to the interweb 🙂

  2. Happy New Year, Paul! This is a much better resolution than, say, lose that post-baby weight (heck, the twins are 13) or write my mother every week.

    I’m adding you to my RSS feed.

    Love to you and all the folks you love (and who love you).

  3. The Berk

    hey Paul
    I can’t wait to read more on the history of the rockmes and the PTC ! Happy new year!

  4. Fabulous. Simply fabulous. And, FYI, imma be checking up on this DAILY. So please, for my sake, stay funny

  5. Tom Grasty

    Welcome to the web. Happy NewYear!

  6. Ronny Crawford

    Art is Good!

  7. Crossman

    Viva Uncle P!

  8. Laurie Buy-Low

    Great job, Paul – I love it!

  9. Steve Rashid

    Fantastic, Paul. My first activity of this new decade was to read your entire blog. Since my memory of the 80’s by now is pretty hazy I can’t wait to read what happens next. I think somebody does something funny, right? I do remember laughing a lot at something.

  10. Thanks for checking out the blog everybody. I appreciate the feedback. (And the corrections, too!) It’s good to know I’m not working in a vacuum. Onward!

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