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Three Sisters!

sistersbannerI’ve been blessed with three lovely and talented daughters, Maura, Emilia and Eva. As a proud papa, I could go on and on about them – but why listen to me when you can listen to them?


Eva is the youngest.

She’s just recorded a handful of songs that she wrote. You can click on her photo – or click here – to hear what she sounds like.

Her mother and I believe she got that smoky, bluesy voice by screaming and crying herself hoarse as a tiny child. (Guess that’s how she paid her dues.)

Emilia is the middle child: the wild child.

For some reason, she’s taken to writing and performing comedy sketches. Where did that come from?

Emilia PostYou can enjoy Emilia’s comedy here – or by clicking on her picture. She’s been making us laugh since she was very young. Emilia wrote her first joke when she was four years old.

“Why do dinosaurs smell so bad?” Answer: “Because they’re ex-stink!”

IMG_6471Maura is the big sister with the big voice.

She sings like an angel – and writes with soul.

You can catch her solo act as Ms. Maura, or see her perform with various bands in Los Angeles. You can explore what Ms. Maura is up to by clicking on her photo – or clicking here. Check her out live – or download her album, Reversible Lobotomy.


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