Damn Straight: Straight Outa Evanston

My daughter Emilia and her friend and collaborator Mori Einsidler (both Northwestern students) have just dropped their first rap offering on the hip hop public in the leather-clad guise of Damn Straight.

Damn Straight describe themselves as “Two hood chicks straight out of E-town, making their rap debut as SloMo and Small Fry and together forming Damn Straight– the most skilled, most serious and most swagged out rappers in the game.”

Click the album cover to download some Damn Straight joints. Dig SloMo and Small Fry as they rock & rhyme their way from the streets to the clubs, laying down their mad beats and taking on the haters along the way.

Peace out.

(Or is that too square nowadays? I don’t know. I can’t keep up.)


Filed under Art, Comedy, Music

3 responses to “Damn Straight: Straight Outa Evanston

  1. Jerry Getz

    I’ll take the like out of your simile and make that shit a metaphor!

  2. Linda E.

    Emilia continues to rock the world.
    Love them beats. You go girl.

  3. Anonymous

    Damn Straight will be getting airplay next Wednesday night, helping kick off Women’s History Month.

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