The Osgood File…

Steve Rashid’s friend, Chicago Tribune photographer Chuck Osgood, caught The Vic & Paul Show at The Prop Theatre in Chicago last week — and snapped these cool photos.

Here’s our musical director and keyboard whiz, Steve Rashid, at the piano playing the opening to the show.

“Oh, what a beautiful evening,
Turn off your cell phones and all
After two decades in limbo,
Please welcome Victoria and Paul”

Paul’s traveling businessman, Ed, sweeps Vic’s barfly, Ellen, off her feet.

Victoria as the classic Greek heroine, Medea: mother, author, murderess.

Victoria as a Southern California girl sings Please Come to Starbucks.

“Another Starbucks that’s attached
To a Barnes & Noble
Next to an Olive Garden
With all you can eat breadsticks…”

Saloonkeeper Vic offers cowboy Paul a Whiskey Tasting.

Paul and Vic as one of the dullest couples alive driving home from a company party in a sketch called “Limbo”.

Vic: That was the dullest company party I’ve ever attended.

Paul: I’m in Human Resources, honey. We’re not Cirque du Soleil.

Paul and Vic as one of the dullest couples no longer alive, lost in the fog of limbo.

Paul as Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and Vic as Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

Vic: Please call me Sonia.

Paul: I prefer that we remain more formal.

Vic: Oh, Antonin. You are too rigid….in your views.
But you will find that Sonia – you cannot refuse!

Scalia and Sotomayor dance a passionate love-hate, left-right tango.

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  1. I hope you like the videos I made, too! Through my lens there was abundant cheerful and confident comic Grace. You kids have some real potential if you keep practicing!

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